Carruthers Hip End

  • Category: Shelters
  • Material: Timber
  • Roof: Hip

The Carruthers Picnic Shelter range have a hip end with a gable through the middle section. The length is scalable in 2m increments by adding as many extra bays as needed.


All components are factory finished, ready for delivery and assembly. No site cutting, drilling or welding required.
Pre-cut colorbond custom orb roof cladding with gable roll to top and 2 edges - XRW grade.
LOSP treated pine construction with Wattyl Brush Box oil based stain finish.
Full length hot dipped galvanised steel posts.
LOSP treated pine post leaves with Wattyl Brush Box oil based stain finish.
Hot dipped galvanised steel purlin brackets.
Class 4 galvanised fixings.
Inground post design.
Footing design and setout plan.
BA drawings and Form 15 structural certificate.
50m/s wind loading.
10 year structural warranty.


Gutters and Downpipes.
Handrail Panels and Frieze Panels.
Hot dipped galvanised steel posts.
Powder coat finish over steel posts.
Cyclonic wind loading.
Corrosive environment protection.
Hardwood construction.
Bolt down posts.
Delivery Australia Wide.
Installation with concrete slab, Australia Wide.