Outside Products specialise in design, engineering and fabrication of public use structures with a strong focus on customising designs to specific needs and specifications. Generally, our product groups are furniture and bollards, shelters, footbridges, boardwalks and restrooms.

We are a QBuild Preferred Supplier with a client base that is almost exclusively Government Authorities, Ports Authorities and Developers working through Landscape Contactors. We work closely with Landscape Architects and Consulting Engineers from the early stages of a park project to design and specify products that suit the aesthetic and structural needs of the client. This is often achieved using a combination of our standard products and custom designs.

We design and fabricate customised structures from small one off jobs through to complete ranges of products for exclusive use by an individual council or developer. This is often a great way to standardise on the look and feel of an area whilst maintaining an individual theme that sets them apart.

Our comprehensive range of standard products are utilised by councils and developers around the country. Using standard products ensures costs and lead times are kept to a minimum without compromising on quality.